Overhaul of the family of helicopters, “Miles”

When accompanied by a copyright design office of JSC “Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant” (Moscow), ARP carries out repair helicopters Mi-8/17, Mi-14 and Mi-24 with a full complement of radio, electrical, instrumentation and weapons.

Repairs carried out for the Ministry of Defense, FPS, and other customers.

Along with the overhaul of the plant produces operational and maintenance services of helicopters for all forms.

The Mi-8

The Mi-14

The Mi-24

The Mi-25

JSC “150 Aircraft Repair Plant” offers:

  • upgrading helicopters and installation of additional equipment;
  • repair of helicopters based on the customer together with JSC «Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mil »;
  • technical support in service during the warranty period;
  • alteration of the Mi-8 cargo options, VIP lounges with technical support from JSC «Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mil».
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