CURRENT STATUS of “150 Aircraft Repair Plant”

For 55 years we have repaired: more than 1560 aircraft and helicopters,

more than 22,400 aircraft engines and gearboxes.

JSC “150 ARP” is one of the few company that performs repair supersonic long-range Tu-22M3 missile, the Mi-14, and the only aircraft repair plant in the Kaliningrad region, producing major overhaul of helicopters based in the Kaliningrad region.

JSC “150 ARP” – the only network in the repair company that performs repair of helicopters Ka-27 Ka-28 Ka-29 for the complete production cycle: airframe, all its systems and assemblies, engines TV3-117, the main gearbox VR-252, auxiliary power unit AI-9.

JSC “150 ARP” – the only network in the repair plants the company, which performed repair and testing of the main gearbox VR-252. Tests of the main gearbox VR-252 carried on a unique full-scale stand, which provides its real load.

Work on the overhaul of aircraft are produced in specialized workshops:

  • Shop № 1 – Dismantling received for repair of aviation equipment and assembly after repairs;
  • Shop № 2 – repair of engines and gearboxes;
  • Shop № 3 – mechanical area, production of rubber products;
  • Shop № 4 – test station engines and gearboxes;
  • Shop № 5 – repair units of planes and helicopters;
  • Shop № 6 – repair of aircraft equipment;
  • Shop № 7 – repair of electronic equipment, aircraft armament;
  • Galvanic site.

Tests last overhaul of aircraft are produced at the station ground and flight tests.

The plant has indoor and outdoor storage facilities, all necessary support services and facilities, which include, in particular, the central factory laboratory, garage facilities, fuel and gas station, fire protection, security, automatic telephone exchange, water pumping station, medical center, dining At present JSC “150 ARP” overhaul TV3-117 engines of all modifications, auxiliary power units (APU) AI-9V (AI-9), Mi-8, Mi-8MT/Mi-17, Mi-14 Mi-24, Ka-27 Ka-28 Ka-29 Ka-32, the main gearbox VR-252.

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JSC “150 ARP” provides overhaul of the fuel assemblies, pneumatic, hydraulic, electronic systems, overhaul and refurbishment of aircraft, avionics, aircraft armament, landing-transport equipment, manufactures all kinds of galvanic and chemical coatings (including plasma spraying rings calorizing blades), conducts climate and vibration testing, extensive use of methods and means of nondestructive testing, such as ultrasonic, eddy current, magnetic particle, fluorescent, and performs many other processes of repair and control of technical condition stipulated in the Guidelines overhaul.

Following application to the Certificate issued by the IAC, ARZ allowed production of normalized replacement components for the needs of its own production. These parts are manufactured in accordance with the existing documentation.

JSC “150 ARP” has all the necessary tools, jigs and fixtures, providing a full range of repair and testing of systems and components.

The company has more than 220 items of special equipment for inspection, repair, assembly and test acceptance testing, manufactured by enterprises of Civil Aviation and Ministry of Defense. Along with a special, used process equipment, manufactured in-house, under drawings of manufacturers, designers or technical developments of JSC “150 ARP”, since metrological examination.

Implemented and certified automated system for collecting and processing the measurement information to pass the test of TV3-117 engines on the stand U1125-79 and AI-9V APU (Au-9).

JSC “150 ARP” does not only repair of aircraft, but also to restore serviceability and warranty service within the entire TBO AT repaired, and also produces improvements in industry bulletins, installation of new equipment and retrofitting of aircraft at the request of the customer.

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The presence of airport and seaport, rail provides an opportunity to deliver to the repair of the AT from other regions of the Russian Federation by air, sea and rail.